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How to Stop, Drop and Roll

An important part of fire safety is knowing what to do if your clothes, or the clothes of someone you are with, catch fire. Your instinct may be to run or pat the fire out with your hands, but the “Stop, Drop and Roll” method is actually the most efficient way of putting out a clothing fire. This technique should be practiced often so that it will become an automatic response in an emergency situation.


1  Stop what you are doing if your clothes catch fire. Do not try to pat the fire out and do not try to run.

2  Drop to your knees and lie down on the floor on your stomach.

3  Close your eyes and cover your face and mouth with your hands to protect yourself from flames and smoke.

4  Roll onto your back and to your front repeatedly until the fire is out. Fire needs air to burn; rolling from your back to your front will help to smother the fire.

5  Remove burned clothing and check that it is not smoldering. Treat any burns immediately. Skin burns from fire is one of the most serious injuries and should be flushed with cool water as soon as possible.

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