hd_ent.gif Idioms are expressions with greater meaning. Phrases like "nick of time" or "in other words" or "for heaven's sake". Definition: a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word understood on its own:
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201 'round the clock
202 a bad time
203 a bar fly
204 barrel of laughs
205 a basket case
206 a bawling out
207 a big rig
208 a big shot
209 a big wheel
210 a big wig
211 a bit dense
212 a bitter pill
213 a blank look
214 a brick short
215 a budding genius
216 a bum rap
217 a case of
218 a chin wag
219 a cliff-hanger
220 a close call
221 a close shave
222 a clutch hitter (baseball)
223 a common thread
224 a coon's age
225 a crash course
226 a crush on
227 a crying shame
228 a cut above
229 a cut-up
230 a dead giveaway
231 a dead heat
232 a dead loss
233 a dead ringer
234 a dog's age
235 a dog's breakfast
236 a dog's life
237 a doggy bag
238 a dressing down
239 a duke's mixture
240 a dust-up
241 a fair shake
242 a falling out
243 a false move
244 a far cry
245 a faraway look
246 a fat lip
247 a fifth wheel
248 a fighting chance
249 a fill-up
250 a fine line
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Leroy Chiao
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