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hd_art.jpg We use threes in art to define structures like primary, secondary and tertiary colors on a color wheel. Sir Isaac Newton developed the first color wheel in 1666. The three Greek column classifications are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
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51 Interior of Three Bowls
52 Beaver Dam, Arkansas (Family of Three)
53 Bradypus variegatus (Three-Toed Sloth)
54 New York, Helen Levitt , c. 1942
55 Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant, Susquehanna River
56 Three Friends in a Field
57 Three Boys in Zouave Costume
58 Three Women and a Girl
59 Three-wheeled Mail Collection Motorcycle
60 Three Feet
61 Three-Masted Sailing Ship Between Tree-Covered Rock Formations in Misty Harbor
62 The Rhone - Three Women on the Riverbank Seated on a Tree Trunk
63 The Meeting of the Three Kings with David and Isaiah
64 Still Life with Three Birds Nests - (Vincent van Gogh - 1885)
65 St Nicholas Throwing the Gold Bars to Three Poor Girls by PALMERINO DI GUIDO
66 St Nicholas Saving Three Innocents from Decapitation by PALMERINO DI GUIDO
67 Schooner and Three-Master - (Paul Gauguin - 1886)
68 Quaratesi Altarpiece - St. Nicholas and three poor maidens by Gentile da Fabriano
69 Project for Portraits in a Frieze - Three Women - (Edgar Degas - 1879)
70 Pond with Three Cows and a Crescent Moon - (Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - circa 1850)
71 Pintura con tres manchas, 1914 by KANDINSKY, Wassily
72 Peasant with Three Cows - (Paul Serusier - 1893)
73 Peasant with a Three-Cornered Hat, 1850-60 by Menzel, Adolf von
74 One Two Three by Robert Goodnough
75 Maternity aka Three Woman on the Seashore - (Paul Gauguin - 1899)
76 Marcantonio Franceschini (Bolonia 1648-1729)
77 Le Havre, Three Master at Anchor in the Harbor - (Eugene-Louis Boudin - 1878-1879)
78 Landscape with Three Trees - (Paul Gauguin - 1892)
79 Landscape with Three Figures, ca.1850-1860 by Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille
80 Landscape with Three Figures, 1901 by Gauguin, Paul
81 Juno and the Three Graces by Davies, Arthur Bowen (1862-1928)
82 Inkstand with Bound Satyrs and Three Labors of Hercules, c. 1530-1540
83 Fox Trot; Lozenge Composition with Three Black Lines
84 Dirge of the Three Queens by Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911)
85 Diptych with the Virgin and Child and Three Donors
86 Dancer Seen from Behind and Three Studies of Feet
87 Cupid and the Three Graces
88 Copper Cauldron with Three Eggs
89 Christ on the Cross with Three Angels
90 Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds
91 Black-Backed Three-Toed Woodpecker
92 A Three Deck Laying by a Hulk
93 Three Children Standing at a Niche
94 A Family of Three at Tea
95 Daughters of Revolution
96 The Three Graces by Antonio Canova at the Victoria and Albert Museum
97 The Models by Georges Seurat
98 Nursing a Baby Illustration by Milo Winter
99 Studio of the Three Worthies by Shubun
100 Statuettes of Three Male Worshipers
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Henri Matisse

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