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hd_art.jpg We use threes in art to define structures like primary, secondary and tertiary colors on a color wheel. Sir Isaac Newton developed the first color wheel in 1666. The three Greek column classifications are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
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101 Stained Glass Church Window, German Church
102 Specimen Bowery Boys Engraving
103 Sketch of Three Nuns - Degas
104 Romanesque Capital with Supporting Heads
105 Roman Fresco of The Three Graces
106 Three Parrots of Oceania by A. Dumenil
107 People Using Thomas L. Luder's Pedespeed
108 Olympus on Ida by George Frederick Watts
109 Mother, Sara, and the Baby
110 Models Pose as Samurai
111 Three Boroughs of New York
112 Landscape with Three Trees
113 Three Central Domes of Cappella di San Cataldo
114 Three Saluting Soldiers
115 Saw Three Ships
116 Three Women Conversing
117 Andy Warhol
118 Three Armenian Women
119 Three Graces by Raphael
120 Three Graces by Raphael
121 Three Virgin Saints by Edward Burne-Jones
122 Three Graces
123 Gustav Klimt
124 Three Graces
125 Adam in Rotation - Rodin
126 Pablo Picasso
127 Three Spheres
128 Once when great Caesar went to war
129 Mossant
130 The Three Umbrellas
131 Third Way
132 Three Worlds
133 Three Sandwiches
134 Three Philosophers
135 Third of May
136 The Three Crosses
137 Three Flags
138 Greek Columns
139 Color Wheel
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Margaret Haddix
Margaret Haddix
I started trying to write when I was in second or third grade.

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Herb O Buckand has an enormous interest in the structure of threes and has been collecting and examining these concepts for years. He has an exciting website for his Threseology Research Journal located at Here he delves into concepts in threes in many different areas. He is a true generalist.

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