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Studio Portrait of Three Traditional Persian Wrestlers
Antoin Sevruguin
Glass plate negative
c. 1890
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Freer Sackler Archives
Myron Bement Smith Collection
Gift of Katharine Dennis Smith, 1973-2031


Cowley, Abraham

Cowley, Abraham (1618-67), Eng. poet
Cowley, Abraham (1618-67), Eng. poet

"The first three men in the world were a gardener, a ploughman, and a graizer; and if any object that the second of these was a murderer, I desire him to consider that as soon as he was so, he quitted our profession, and turned builder."

3's flash

Human beings use threes to conceptualize everything. Three data points are enough to describe an entire set. Take time for example. We break it into before, during, and after. Look at the basic structure of color. 


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