Keys to Risk Communication: Anticipate, Prepare and Practice

Branding and risk management
Branding and risk management

By Mary Branham, CSG Managing Editor
Three is the magic number for people under stress.
That’s according to risk communication expert Vincent Covello.

“People under stress process information not in terms of seven but in terms of three,” he told attendees at the first-ever Economic Summit of the States, sponsored by The Council of State Governments May 20–23. “When a person is upset, worried, anxious, that shift in the brain takes place in three messages.”

Covello, director of the Center for Risk Communication, said there actually are three magic numbers—27/9/3.  That translates into 27 words, nine seconds, three messages. He advised state leaders to prepare their messages with the 27/9/3 principle.

“If you don’t keep it short and simple, someone else will make it short and simple for you,” he said.

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Seungsahn – Great Lineage Master


“Only don’t know.”

Throw away all opinions, all likes and dislikes, and only keep the mind that doesn’t know… Your before-thinking mind, my before-thinking mind, all people’s before-thinking minds are the same. This is your substance. Your substance, my substance, and the substance of the whole universe become one. So the tree, the mountain, the cloud, and you become one… The mind that becomes one with the universe is before thinking. Before thinking there are no words. “Same” and “different” are opposites words; they are from the mind that separates all things. – Seung Sahn Soen-sa

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Historic re-election pattern doesn’t favor Democrats in 2016

January 25, 2013 by

It’s not too soon to start talking about the next presidential inauguration in 2017, and why the historical re-election trends favor the Republicans.

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

Maybe Hillary Clinton, the current very-early front-runner for the Democratic nomination, can break the struggles that Democrats have had trying to win a presidential election after its candidate (or his legal successor) won two prior elections.

That’s only happened twice since 1828 for the Democrats, when the modern two-party era started in earnest. In 1836, the Democratic Vice President Martin Van Buren succeeded Andrew Jackson by defeating four Whig candidates, while President Franklin D. Roosevelt succeeded himself in 1940 by running for an unprecedented third term.

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Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer
Parker Palmer

Offer yourself to the world – your energies, your gifts, your visions, your heart – with open-hearted generosity. But understand that when you live that way you will soon learn how little you know and how easy it is to fail.

To grow in love and service, you – I, all of us – must value ignorance as much as knowledge and failure as much as success… Clinging to what you already know and do well is the path to an unlived life. So, cultivate beginner’s mind, walk straight into your not-knowing, and take the risk of failing and falling again and again, then getting up again and again to learn – that’s the path to a life lived large, in service of love, truth, and justice. –  Parker Palmer

One Night Stand

one night stand1. Lit. a performance lasting only one night.

Ex: The band did a series of one-night stands down the East Coast.You can’t make a living doing one-night stands. 
2. Fig. a romance or sexual relationship that lasts only one night.
Ex: It was not a romance, just a one-night stand or, 
It looked like something that would last longer than a one-night stand.

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